Thursday , 23 November 2017


Vancouver Cannabis Dispensaries Told to Shut Down

In this week’s roundup of cannabis legalization news, California just released the first draft regulations for medical cannabis since the program’s inception in 1996 and New Mexico is seeking a new decriminalization measure. Up in Canada, however, medical dispensaries in Vancouver just received “cease-and-desist” letters from Health Canada warning them to discontinue operations or face jail time. Read here here ... Read More »

Will Bernie Sanders Legalize Cannabis?

 Hat tip to Tom Angell over at, who we first saw post about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments on cannabis law and greater Drug War reform in an interview with Little Village, a public access program on Iowa public access radio. The progressive Democratic presidential candidate stated, “What the federal government can do is say to the state of ... Read More »

Governor Martin O’Malley to Hold Cannabis Legalization Listening Session

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley touts his progressive cannabis law reform history in a press release announcing a marijuana legalization listening session in Denver, Colorado, this Thursday. The event will be held at the office of Vicente Sederberg, a law firm that has been instrumental in legalizing and regulating cannabis in Colorado. Could this be an early signal Governor O’Malley ... Read More »

Florida Cannabis Act Aims to Legalize Marijuana

Michael Minardi is on a mission to make recreational marijuana legal in Florida next year. Asked how he would do that, considering that a ballot measure to legalize even medical marijuana didn’t pass in 2014, he says, “We’re going to use science, and we’re going to use stats.” Minardi is a West Palm Beach attorney who in March won a ... Read More »

Will The Vermont Legislature Be First In The Nation To Legalize Marijuana?

News reports out of Vermont indicate that a major political shift has just occurred that well positions the state legislature to become the first in the nation to end cannabis prohibition and replace with tax-n-regulate policies. Will The Vermont Legislature Be First In The Nation To Legalize Marijuana? The four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington) that have chucked cannabis ... Read More »

How Cannabis Legalization Improves America’s Healthcare

In the heart of Denver, the newly-minted marijuana capital of America, doctors from around the nation bared unseasonable late-summer frost to attend the Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference. The event targeted medical professionals with one thing in common—a desire to know more about cannabis medicines as the substance is propelled out of the realms of early 20th-century “reefer madness” and ... Read More »

Senator Warren Open to Cannabis Legalization

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has been at the top of many Democrat’s list of who they would support to be the next President of the United States. Elizabeth Warren does not appear to have the desire to run, at least not this election, but there has been speculation that she would be willing to be added as a Vice ... Read More »

Uruguay’s Cannabis Pioneer President Steps Down

I don’t care what end of the humanity spectrum you lie on, this man has always been to me, a bright, shining example of what humanity is meant to be. Uruguay’s President, José “Pepe” Mujica, also known as the “Pauper President” who famously drives a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle, is stepping down from office. The “world’s most humble president” donated 90 percent ... Read More »

Another Spinoff Industry from Legal Cannabis

Washington State’s newly legal cannabis capitalists don’t tend to agree on much. Ask any one of them about any current pot-business topic—the regulation of medical marijuana, indoor versus outdoor grows, whether labs fudge pesticide and potency test results for favored clients—and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a passionate harangue. But the more you talk to them, the more ... Read More »

Can CanopyBoulder Prove There’s Substance Behind The Cannabis Startup Hype

Holly Alberti-Evans considers herself among Colorado’s marijuana business success stories. Healthy Headie Lifestyle, the in-home direct sales company for cannabis products she founded with her husband, Steve Evans, is growing, with a busy office in Boulder and an expanding team of independent distributors who demonstrate vaporizers to those Alberti-Evans calls the “canna-curious” in the privacy of their homes. (Hosts provide ... Read More »

Ohio Sets November Vote on Cannabis Legalization

Ohio voters will decide in November whether to legalize marijuana use for treating illnesses and for getting high. Secretary of State Jon Husted said on Wednesday he had certified the group ResponsibleOhio had gathered enough valid signatures to place a constitutional amendment before voters in November. Ohio Sets November Vote on Cannabis Legalization The proposed amendment’s language still needs approval ... Read More »

Marijuana Legalization in Oregon 2015 Infographic

Marijuana Legalization in Oregon 2015 Infographic Read More »