Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Cannabis Animal Chews Are Human Tested

Many people disagree with testing drugs on animals before giving them to humans, but what about testing drugs on humans before giving them to animals? That’s exactly what is happening with cannabis. There are several companies that have developed hemp based products for animals, that are mostly intended for dogs. The edible products are suggested for a variety of ailments ... Read More »

Colorado Protects Cannabis Cash Crops

Colorado’s governor has ordered the destruction of marijuana treated with unapproved pesticides, his first action on the matter after months of product recalls and media warnings about unhealthy pesticides on pot. The executive order by Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday, Nov. 12, called marijuana treated with certain pesticides a “threat to public safety” and said it should be destroyed. Colorado ... Read More »

Massachusetts Will Vote On Legalization in 2016

Massachusetts is one step closer to legalizing cannabis for recreational use, with the announcement earlier this week that The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) had gathered enough signatures to make its initiative a ballot issue in November 2016. The CMRA proposal, backed by the Marijuana Policy Project, gathered more than 100,000 signatures (much more than the required 64,750) ... Read More »

Fight For Legalization in Ohio Begins Again

The ballot to legalize marijuana in Ohio was smoked at the polls. But the fight isn’t over. In fact it’s just beginning for an entirely new crop of legalization backers. Fight For Legalization in Ohio Begins Again The defeat of ResponsibleOhio last Tuesday was a blow for many marijuana supporters, but good news for a group called Legalize Ohio 2016. ... Read More »

Snoop Dogg Launches Cannabis Products Line

Has there ever been a more natural union than Snoop Dogg having his own line of pot products? The rapper has announced Leafs By Snoop, a branded line of cannabis products. It includes edibles (foods infused with cannabis extracts), hand-weighed marijuana flowers and concentrates that are now on sale in several medical and recreational dispensaries in Colorado, which legalized recreational ... Read More »

A Year in Marijuana in Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — It’s been just over a year since Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica signed a law creating the world’s first nationalized market for the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. The implementation of this historic law was part of a landmark year for cannabis. Recreational pot stores opened in Colorado and Washington State, while three other US states voted ... Read More »

Ohio Votes Not to Legalize Marijuana

On Tuesday, Ohio residents voted against legalizing the limited sale and use of marijuana in the state. Tuesday’s ballot measure for legalizing marijuana in Ohio included three core issues: redistricting, monopolies and the state’s proposed cannabis policy. The failed marijuana policy would have allowed anyone age 21 and older to apply for a license through the Ohio Marijuana Control Commission. That license ... Read More »

DEA Raid on Tribe’s Cannabis Crop Infuriates Reformers

Federal agents swarmed the Menominee Indian tribe’s Wisconsin reservation Friday and eradicated 30,000 cannabis plants, confusing and alarming tribal leaders, policy reformers and attorneys who work with other American Indian tribes considering growing marijuana or hemp. Menominee leaders say the plants were intended for lawful research into growing industrial hemp, which is processed and utilized for fiber, food and oil and is ... Read More »

The Bernie Sanders Marijuana Proposal

Bernie Sanders has been hinting for months now that he’ll have more to say on marijuana in the 2016 election. Tonight, it looks like he’ll finally say it. The Bernie Sanders Marijuana Proposal Sanders will call for marijuana to be removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s schedule of controlled substances. Doing so would be a big deal for marijuana policy ... Read More »

Poll Shows Marijuana Legalization Support Nears 60%

More Americans than ever are smoking, eating and drinking marijuana, and they now overwhelmingly support full legalization of the long-banned plant, a new study and poll show. A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows 58% of American adults think marijuana should be legal, up from 51% a year ago, with just 40% believing it should remain illegal. Poll Shows Marijuana Legalization ... Read More »

Highway Fatalities Down in Legal States

Since Colorado voters legalized pot in 2012, prohibition supporters have warned that recreational marijuana will lead to a scourge of “drugged drivers” on the state’s roads. They often point out that when the state legalized medical marijuana in 2001, there was a surge in drivers found to have smoked pot. They also point to studies showing that in other states that have ... Read More »

Federal Court Halts DEA Raids on Legal Dispensaries

In a scathing decision, a federal court in California has ruled that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s interpretation of a recent medical marijuana bill “defies language and logic,” “tortures the plain meaning of the statute” and is “at odds with fundamental notions of the rule of law.” The ruling could have a broad impact on the DEA’s ability to prosecute federal medical marijuana ... Read More »