Friday , 17 November 2017


Drug War Fail of the Day

I really struggled over how to time the title here. I wasn’t sure if I should go with Drug War Fail of the Week, fail of the Day, fail of the minute. Sheesh, well, anyway, at least this time I’m not writing about a baby taking a grenade to the face, or a mother of three being murdered when a ... Read More »

Babies Get High Through Breast Milk

As reported recently by Metro U.K., police raided a flat owned by Diana and Bogdan Curelaru as part of regularly schedule drug raids. They found 3.5 kilograms of cannabis and they also found a 1 year old baby. While he certainly does look like quite the content little guy, they also discovered it might be because of all of the ... Read More »

Nothing is Sacred in the Failed War on Drugs

As if it wasn’t before, it’s official, nothing is actually sacred when it comes to the drug war. There really seems to be no shortage of horror stories or atrocities and crimes against humanity our government allows when it comes to cracking down on substances. Seems kind of crazy when in most cases, drug abusers are only harming themselves. Just ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Employment Law Non-Compliance


Providers of various services face harsh repercussions when medical marijuana is allowed in the workplace, and forces them into non-compliance regarding employment laws set by the federal government. Employers, employees, and governing state officials regulating workplace operations desperately pleads for the federal government to stop ignoring the squeaky wheel and face the inevitable process of reforming current federal cannabis laws. ... Read More »

DUI Checkpoint? It’s Cool, Just Stoned Driving.


It’s very important for cannabis users to understand that although their state may have legalized in some form, you can be arrested for DUI stoned driving and punished by law as offenders are prosecuted for alcohol laws.  have an entire agency committed to training police officers and other law enforcement officials to develop super powers that certify them Drug Recognition ... Read More »

Does Marijuana Taxation Violate The Fifth Amendment?

Marijuana taxation will be upheld by the State of Colorado despite claims that paying it amounts to self-incrimination which violates the Fifth Amendment. Last week, marijuana activists lost the initial bid to eradicate Colorado’s current recreational marijuana tax structure. But the debate is far from over. Activists assert that marijuana taxation should be outlawed, and argue that in paying taxes, ... Read More »

How Does Legal Pot Effect Employment Laws?

There seems to be a questionable intersection between legal marijuana and current employment laws. This hazy intersection is likely to begin to be a source of a real problem very soon if some effort isn’t put into drawing a line in the sand when it comes to legal cannabis use and employment laws that sometimes require drug testing. While many ... Read More »

Red Cards and Guns

Although carrying a red card makes you a legitimate and lawful medical marijuana patient in the eyes of the State, it doesn’t change the fact that you remain an ‘unlawful user’ in when it comes to the federal government. And because state medical marijuana laws don’t mean a thing to the feds, any medical marijuana patient who owns a firearm ... Read More »

Buffalo Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Grow Operation

In another law enforcement oopsy this week, Buffalo police officer, Jorge I. Melendez, seems to have chosen an odd industry to moonlight in. Seems Melendez chose to grow some marijuana. The four-year veteran of the Buffalo Police Department presented an admission as a part of his plea deal that will most likely have him swiftly shipped off to prison for ... Read More »

Texans Accused of Two Colorado Dispensary Robberies

Durango, Colorado — Authorities now have two 17 year olds in custody for entering a Colorado dispensary wearing bandanas, sunglasses and cowboy hats and stealing a jar of weed. They also pepper sprayed several workers. Employees provided a description of the teens as well as their car and Texas authorities quickly found them in Corsicana, Texas. In another incident, a ... Read More »

Blood Test for Cannabis Unreliable for DUI Penalty

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse are still struggling with a manner in which drivers can be tested for cannabis use behind the wheel. Both the NHTSA and the NIDA have stated that marijuana impairment testing via current blood sampling is unreliable. There are several issues that make testing an individual for ... Read More »

Driving on Cannabis in Colorado – Is it Illegal?

  One issue that should be of concern to everyone is the issue of driving while on cannabis. The reason we should all be concerned is that for law enforcement, determining if a driver is drugged is much more difficult than determining if a driver is drinking. While smoking cannabis does cause the scent to cling to you, and certainly ... Read More »