Friday , 24 November 2017


Protect Your Grow in the Winter

Those who have grow operations in states that aren’t quite legal yet likely already have a long list of tips and tricks they utilize throughout the year. Keeping electricity bills down is important. Providing a barrier for smell between the house and the public is important and of course, privacy and secrecy are very, very important. But are those the ... Read More »

How to Tell if Marijuana is Ready to Harvest

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Easy Curing Guide

Congratulations! You’ve taken the time to plant your seeds, nurture and care for your plants from veg to flower; now it’s finally time for harvest. But not so fast, you want to get the most out of all this work. Harvesting isn’t enough; neither is simply drying the buds out. To get the best product from your plants, you have ... Read More »

Introduction To Indoor Growing

Having recently indulged in my first grow project, I have been endlessly searching YouTube for the best newbie grow guide I could find. I went in search of a guide that would cover: Beginners Grow Tips Affordable Alternatives in Equipment Grow Room Management Electricity Issues Harvest And it may have taken me about 2 weeks to find one, but I ... Read More »

Watering Your Plants

Precise and consistent watering is a major factor in successful marijuana cultivation. Water accounts for more than 80% of the weight of a living plant and like most anything, it serves as an indispensable element to the existence of plant life. Water supplies the hydrogen necessary for plant growth; it keeps plants sturdy, strong, and acts as a building material. ... Read More »

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Make room 420, 710 is the new number. Flip it upside down and you’ll see why. 710 is the word OIL spelled upside down. Oils are the fabric of cannabis concentrates, a wall to wall term applied to any product which involves the process of refining buds into a cleaner and more powerful product. Like 420, the same principles exist, ... Read More »

THC University Grow Education

This online University currently offers 2 different certifications with plans in the works for a third. If you are involved in the green rush in any way, as a grower or vendor, there will soon be advanced educational opportunities for you. Only 50 students per month are accepted at THC University and students must apply in order to be accepted. ... Read More »

Prune that Plant

There are many ways to achieve bigger yields in your garden. Pruning is a horticultural practice growers have used for ages and is the process of keeping plants trim and tidy as a means to encourage growth. When it comes to cannabis, pruning is one of the most basic but important methods used to produce higher yields. The process of ... Read More »

Marijuana and the Cycle of Life

Cannabis is an annual plant, meaning that a single season completes its life cycle. The precise length of the life cycle is dependent on the plants variety and growing conditions, specifically during the photoperiod. The following sections describe each phase of the cannabis plant’s natural cycle of life. Germination The process of germination usually takes between three and ten days. ... Read More »

Cannabis: The Elements of Growth

With more states passing laws regarding marijuana, growing pot is a growing hobby and cannabis enthusiasts are inspired by the idea of taking part in the cultivation of their own medicine. For those looking to cultivate their own marijuana, there are basic elements every home grower should become familiar with. As far as the needs of the cannabis plant, these ... Read More »

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

As states continue to weigh out the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, many constituents are not receiving the information based on the whole idea that includes the production of industrial hemp. Hemp is a crop that is very much not a drug but rather an agricultural commodity that can be exported, manufactured into durable merchandise, and can replace the ... Read More »

Cannabis Grow Resources

There is an almost endless list of professional grow help sources and Marijuana Connect doesn’t plan to skip out on helping growers improve their skills. Take a look at some really terrific resources for learning to grow your own cannabis. Grow Education Resources Oaksterdam University – Oaksterdam offers basic and advanced courses every month. Cannabis Training University – Cannabis Training ... Read More »