Friday , 17 November 2017


Cannabis Spaghetti is on the Menu

Any Italian will tell you: pasta is healthy and makes you feel good. But what about spaghetti made from cannabis? Farmers from southern Italy presenting their wares at a London food festival this week say their hemp pasta, oil and bread won’t get you high, but do provide a healthy, tasty alternative to the traditional, wheat variety. “Hemp food is ... Read More »

Need for Weed Stoner Comedy On Marijuana Connect Saturday Morning Fun

Check out today’s super hilarious movie! Need for Weed Stoner Comedy On Marijuana Connect Saturday Morning Fun Read More »

Gorgeous Cannabis Art

Of course, “gorgeous” is always subjective. But I did spend the last week looking for the best of the best to share here with our Marijuana Connect fans! As always, thanks for reading and I did take your suggestions from the Facebook page to do a write up on cannabis art! Gorgeous Cannabis Art If you’re looking for truly lovely ... Read More »

Awesome Cannabis Products

I’ve found some awesome cannabis products this week in the form of various gadgets. It seems when weed meets technology, the possibilities are endless, often mind-blowing, and at times, even funny. I’ve found a few really nice utility type pieces. In fact, if you own all three of these, your cannabis experience will become farm more relaxing and a lot ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Comedy Skits on Marijuana Connect

This morning we have three great skits from comedy giants! Saturday Morning Comedy Skits on Marijuana Connect New Marijuana Policy from Saturday Night Life Let me Hit That Somebody Stole my Weed   Read More »

Man Offers President Weed for his Daughter

As Malia Obama, one of President Obama’s two daughters, marches steadily into young adulthood, she’s attracted quite a list of admirers and wannabe suitors who are all too eager to ask the Prez for her hand in marriage. Sure, she’s only 17 years old as of yesterday, but that’s not stopping men from all over the world from promising a ... Read More »

Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on Cannabis?

The 2016 presidential field is taking shape, and many of the candidates are weighing in on the debate about marijuana. Here’s a roundup of what the declared candidates have said about cannabis policy, as well as what they’ve admitted about their own marijuana consumption. This post will be updated as new candidates officially enter the race. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.   ... Read More »

Happy 4th of July from Marijuana Connect

Happy 4th of July from Marijuana Connect! We’ve put together a collection of 4th of July images to share on your pages for today’s great Patriotic holiday! Read More »

Mark Serritella on Driving Stoned

  Mark Serritella on Driving Stoned Read More »

Awesome New Cannabis Products

Some really nifty finds this week for our Awesome New Cannabis Products presentation Saturday! Pot Leaf Ring This ring is incredible affordable and hand crafted so I had to share it here. Nice job from this Etsy seller. Adjustable Ring Sizes : From 5 to 9 (US size), You can adjust it to suit you. · Color : Silver / ... Read More »

The World’s First Cannabis Camp

If vacation is about serious chillaxing and getting away from it all, CannaCamp may be just the ticket for some travelers. The ranch, now accepting reservations, claims to be America’s first “cannabis resort,” where vacationers can toke up without fear—and in plenty of company. The World’s First Cannabis Camp The 170-acre resort in Durango, Colo., comes from the same group ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Funny Cannabis Products with Marijuana Connect

The Internet is always full of amazing things, in my opinion. Amazing technologies that are becoming available, an incredible load of videos of cats and dogs doing incredibly silly things and as always, a horking load of weird/strange/funny products from just about every industry. This week I wanted to change it up and make it Saturday Morning Funny Cannabis Products ... Read More »