Friday , 17 November 2017


Weed Runner Game App on Android

Weed Runner is another great time-killer for cannabis gamers. Whenever I am stuck in a long line or another boredom-inspiring situation, I can always pop up my app and be entertained. The reason why I enjoy this app is because it’s a smooth adventure game that won’t require me to be stuck within the game for any set amount of ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Your Grandparents Need Weed

It shouldn’t be any real secret at this point. There are Grandma’s and Grandpa’s out there toking down right now as you read this. But should your Grandparents be using weed? I mean – Aren’t there any reasons why this could be a bad thing? Not really. I’m not saying that Grandma ought to have an old fashioned apple pie ... Read More »

George Carlin on Cannabis

Everyone in my generation probably misses George Carlin these days. I know I do. I often wonder just what he’d have to say about current marijuana legislation and legalization. I also realize that even though he isn’t here, he certainly nailed cannabis issues right on the head in the combination of a couple sit down interviews. It’s incredibly interesting hearing ... Read More »

3 Entertaining Reasons to Look Forward to Recreational Legalization

Everyone seems to have their own list of reasons why recreational legalization would be incredibly amazing for them. While not being arrested is likely high on all lists, there are a few more elusive reasons why I desperately look forward to legalization in my state. Munchie Runs – I’ve spent almost 30 years suffering from some sort of embarrassment, and ... Read More »

We’ll Leave the Bowl Burning for You

I am sure this place has set the new high-standard bar for leisure lodging in the Denver metro. The next time you are planning a vacation, think about visiting Denver and check-in to the Adagio Bed & Breakfast. Inspired by musicians from all over the world, choose the motif of your room or suite by name of your favorite composer, ... Read More »

Marijuana Pocket Reference

Curious to find a quick reference guide to the marijuana environment? The Marijuana Handbook Lite has a huge amount of information all wrapped up in this easy-to-use app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for FREE! Listed in its Strain Library section is information and photos of over 175 different strains of herb and their given names, ... Read More »

6 Stupid Assumptions Made about Parents Who Use Cannabis

I managed to raise two boys as a parent who used cannabis to treat chronic pain, sleep disorders and symptoms of a syndrome known as Fragile X. However, being in one of the least progressive states in the nation, I was always hyper aware of the illegality of it, and the effects my being caught using it could have on ... Read More »

Fun Pot App on Android

We all like to tool around from time-to-time. Some of us like to race radio controlled cars or planes, others like to get a swift hike in when they have a bit of free time. Others, like myself, enjoy a good game to kill some time. BudTrimmer – Weed and Cannabis 4.4 This super-cool app is an action packed game ... Read More »

Feed a Social Need When You Need for Weed App

If you are interested in a killer application to install on your phone or tablet that truly feeds your social need whenever you need for weed, it is an app that essentially a strain locator and dispensary locator for anywhere in the world, Weed Maps is FREE to download from the Google Play Store. This is a fantastic application for ... Read More »

“Dave’s not here, Man!”

In 1978, and later in the 80’s when their stoner stand-up comedy stole the attention of stoners worldwide, Cheech Moran and Tommy Chong had no idea they would see marijuana reform, legislation, and policy change occur in their lifetime like it is happening today.  In their movies, “Up in Smoke” (1978) “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie” (1980) “Still Smokin’ “(1983) ... Read More »

O’Reilly Doesn’t Know Anything About Weed

From the man who wants us to revisit the age-old question on how the tides go in and out, comes the newest in a fanatically ignorant anti-science and anti-weed rant. So while Sir Isaac Newton spins in his grave, let’s see what Bill has to offer in the way of explanations on how marijuana use and texting correlate. For whatever ... Read More »

Marijuana Games Online

Clearly the gaming industry has not forgotten to take into consideration a growing nation full of supporters of legal marijuana. While we certainly haven’t been able to access such games until recent years, gaming companies seem to be doing all they can to make up for that. It hasn’t been long since games relating to weed farming sprung up. Just ... Read More »