Friday , 17 November 2017


Saturday Morning Pot Cartoons

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Marijuana Slang Dictionary Weath of Cannabis Information

Another reason to love what the internet has given us. A true age of information, but with a fun twist. When socializing on networks began to grow increasingly popular, the Urban Dictionary appeared. And what real fun I’ve had watching it grow. It’s the type of comic genius I love. Now a new group has taken up the task of ... Read More »

Processing Hemp from Field to Textile Fiber

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Drug Addiction is a Social Issue

Here lately, it almost seems like some horrible wormhole has opened up and all of the worst people just fell out right into Washington D.C. where they were immediately tasked with making as many progressive laws revert back to their medieval counterparts. Tennessee has decided that it will now lead the nation in calling out pregnant drug addicts by sticking ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Cartoons on MC

I found some super videos this week and wanted to share on¬†Saturday Morning Cartoons on MC post. This first one will be familiar for many strange reasons, the tone and the tune may remind you of particular seasons.     While that was certainly a blast from the past with an updated track, I also found another, less politically satirical ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Marijuana Cartoons

Another week has gone by and there are so many new cartoons cropping up all over. The kid in me loves this and is desperate to share! So here goes my top three selections for funny and entertaining marijuana cartoons! Funny Stoner Poem Cop Eats Pot Brownies turned into a cartoon       Marijuana Prohibition in a Funny Nutshell ... Read More »

3 Weed Hacks

While we all know that one thing you can do with it that is utterly enjoyable, there are a few other cool things one can do with weed. And if you’re like me, finding creative things to do with weed once you are on the weed, is about as fun as it could get. Let’s check out three unique weed ... Read More »

The Roast of Marijuana

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Cannabis Content Compilation

I know I often spend my Sundays sucking up about every piece of online content that I can. I enjoy reading. I enjoy expanding my knowledge! If you do too, and you are out for a day’s browse through the cannabis content world, here are some of the best articles on Marijuana Connect in one handy post. I’ve tagged their ... Read More »

How to Make Hemp Rope

You’ll find more than one farmer who will tell you that a hemp rope lasted them a veritable lifetime. They’ll probably still have one laying around, decades old, barely worn. That’s because hemp rope is known for being incredibly strong, flexible, and outright tough. You don’t need a thick hemp rope to hold some serious weight. The thickness of your ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Cannabis Cartoons

Good morning! It’s time for your weekly dose of Saturday Morning Cannabis Cartoons with Marijuana Connect. I’ve found 2 super cool, amazingly funny cannabis cartoons for you to check out this week. If these are old news to you, please take the time to comment here and let me know what you’d like to see here! I really enjoy this ... Read More »

Alcohol More Disruptive to High School Students Than Marijuana

I love it when I locate a great comprehensive piece on any given subject that interest me. So, when I browsed across a great write up on one of my favorite subjects, cannabis of course, I was more than delighted to spend way more time than I should have reading through it. It is a great piece for anyone who ... Read More »