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Cannabis: The Elements of Growth

Cannabis: The Elements of Growth

With more states passing laws regarding marijuana, growing pot is a growing hobby and cannabis enthusiasts are inspired by the idea of taking part in the cultivation of their own medicine. For those looking to cultivate their own marijuana, there are basic elements every home grower should become familiar with. As far as the needs of the cannabis plant, these are the five things to know before you grow.


Photosynthesis is one of the most important aspects of plant growth and can only take place if there is a source of light available. With this process, light energy is absorbed through the leaves and cell membranes and is used to form carbohydrates like sugar, starch, and cellulose. These carbohydrates are later combined with other chemical compounds absorbed from air and soil and transformed into new plant growth.
There is no light like the sun, but because most states mandate the cultivation of cannabis an indoor activity, artificial light is utilized for growing. The cannabis plant utilizes two types of light depending on the growth phase it is in. Cool Blues are used during the vegetative stage, and orange reds for flowering. Implementing the right type of light at the right time directs the canstockphoto7139265plants growth and life cycle. Scheduling the proper light cycles for your cannabis enable healthy growth and affect crop yields.


Water is indispensable for the existence of plants. About 80% of the weight of a living plant is water. Osmosis is the process in which plants absorb water and nutrients and transport them from the roots to the plant cells. Water utilized by the cannabis plant not only keeps it cool, it serves as a structural material, and is a transportation medium that provides the necessary nutrients and materials required for photosynthesis to proceed. Over or under watering can significantly affect the success of your marijuana crop.


Most understand the importance of light and water in the process of photosynthesis. But another factor, carbon dioxide (CO2), should never be underestimated. In fact, it is one of the major reactants in the process of photosynthesis and without it the process couldn’t occur.
Plants use CO2 from the atmosphere to aid their growth through the process of photosynthesis and respiration. They utilize the carbon element in CO2, and then release the leftover oxygen back into the environment. When growing pot outdoors, plants have plenty of CO2 to naturally facilitate growth, but when it comes to indoor environments, the use of fans to bring fresh air into and out of your grow room is essential. If air is used and not ventilated, the dead air space can smother plants, slow growth and create an environment that encourages disease and pest problems.


Cannabis nutrients are essentially a soup for your plants to feed from and grow. There are 3 main marijuana nutrients a cannabis plant uses to grow and flower.

  • Nitrogen (N) – Nitrogen regulates the plants ability to create new proteins like chlorophyll and amino acids and is the main nutrient responsible for leaf and stem growth during vegetative stage.
  • Phosphorous (P) – Phosphorous is necessary for transferring energy created by photosynthesis and is associated with resin and seed production. It is also utilized during flowering stage to produce big and bountiful buds.
  • Potassium (K) – Potassium is used in all stages of a plants growth. It encourages strong root growth, water uptake and activates disease fighting enzymes.


Maintaining a certain range in temperature is vital. Cannabis plants function best in moderate temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees. In high temperature and moderate light conditions, the plant’s stems grow. If temperature is low, growth will happen at a slower rate or if it’s too cold, it may not happen at all.


Every delicious bud we enjoy was cultivated with the consideration of these elements in mind. This list prescribes the very basic needs of every cannabis plant, and the bare essentials of marijuana cultivation. The real fun is in getting to know the marijuana plant from here.
Growing pot can be as simple or as complex as the grower desires. Building your garden, experimenting with grow methods, making your own discoveries, and developing techniques through trial and error are all part of what brings delicious bowl to the and table and may very well lead any devotee to becoming the ‘master’ of their own stuff.

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Michaela Magaraci

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