Thursday , 23 November 2017
Cannabis Grow Resources

Cannabis Grow Resources

There is an almost endless list of professional grow help sources and Marijuana Connect doesn’t plan to skip out on helping growers improve their skills. Take a look at some really terrific resources for learning to grow your own cannabis.

Grow Education Resources

  • Oaksterdam University – Oaksterdam offers basic and advanced courses every month.
  • Cannabis Training University – Cannabis Training University was developed to provide quality medical marijuana education to students across the globe.
  • Medical Marijuana Education – Learn to grow and cultivate professionally at MME.
  • Unicann – The University of Cannabis is an online provider of marijuana classes and education.
  • Medical Marijuana School – weGrow offers college level medical marijuana grow classes, marijuana business classes, marijuana law classes, marijuana politics classes, marijuana cooking and more.
  • MedGrow Cannabis College – Med Grow Cannabis College is the first Michigan based medical marijuana trade school dedicated to the education and advocacy of Michigan patients and dispensary owners.
  • Cannabis University Colorado – Learn Colorado laws and how to grow your own medicine all in one day!
  • The Grow School – Learn How to Legally, Safely, and Successfully Grow Cannabis Indoors.

Marijuana Connect is focused on making sure the availability of cannabis education continues to grow.

Do you have a cannabis growing resource you prefer? Please share your resources so we can grow this list!

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