Friday , 20 October 2017
Cannabis Activist Lights Up on Live Television

Cannabis Activist Lights Up on Live Television

A cannabis activist lit up a joint during a live debate about legalization aired on South Africa’s state broadcaster, in front of the deputy chairman of the country’s Central Drug Authority. Andre Du Plessis reacted with outrage after the agency’s David Bayever blamed a delay in submitting a report on the legalization issue on the country’s recent xenophobic attacks.

Mr Du Plessis, who was participating in Monday’s SABC interview from a mobile studio in the port city of Durban, responded that Bayever was making an “excuse for being late and doing your job”, before putting a joint between his lips and lighting up.

He took a couple of puffs as the spokesman continued to argue for further research, before muttering, when asked for further comment by the SABC presenter: “I think that’s all I’ve gotta say”. He then stood, removed his microphone and walked off set. Neither the presenter nor Mr Bayever displayed any reaction.


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