Friday , 24 November 2017
CannaBeer for Oktoberfest
There never was a better year to indulge. Photo by SeattleBrewery

CannaBeer for Oktoberfest

cool-brewing-company-hemp ale

Photo by Cool Brewing Company

CannaBeer…why not?  Oktoberfest festival planners will be putting their beer order in to prepare for keeping mouths quenched of attendees getting serious polka moves on. You better bet that planners in Colorado and Washington will be adding a new brew to their beer order this year. Hemp infused ales have been produced for several years all over the globe. States not yet legal recreationally can only infuse from hemp seed however, not marijuana.


Photo by Howe Sound Brewing High Tide Hemp Ale

Hemp is a form of cannabis that has < 2mcg of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, while marijuana possesses a much higher concentrated level of THC. As such, a psychoactive effect is not experienced when hemp seeds and available outside Washington and Colorado. The hemp brews in Colorado and Washington, legalized recreationally could have brews available in both forms, hemp and marijuana. The brews containing THC infused from marijuana are brewed with a much lower alcohol content since the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC is present.

Several breweries across the country carrying a hemp infused brew are listed below. It is not noted what breweries in Colorado or Washington carry THC-containing brews, and it is so very new as opposed to the straight hemp infused brews, they may still be tweeking the process. I would suggest getting in touch with the brewmaster when you visit. Since hemp properties found in hops and hemp are quite similar in structure and hemp can be used in place of hops when making a brew. Flavor shouldn’t be too far off from hops, but will present a different taste for sure.

I lean toward blonde cloudy Hefeweizen brews, but not sure what hemp would bring to that pint. What’s your favorite ale? Do you think you would like the hemp brews?

Breweries with a Hemp Ale on their Beer List

 Washington Breweries with a Hemp Brew


This is what they use for a tap jerk lever, sending with the kegs to the bars carrying the product. Photo by Red Hook Brewing Company

California Breweries with a Hemp Brew

Colorado Breweries with a Hemp Brew

 Oregon  Breweries with a Hemp Brew

 North Carolina Breweries with a Hemp Brew

 Canada Breweries with a Hemp Ale


Photo by Humboldt Hemp Ale

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