Friday , 17 November 2017
What Can I do to Help Cannabis?

What Can I do to Help Cannabis?

For many reasons, some of the days of marching on Washington are gone. Some of those are good, some not. For instance, marching on Washington in large groups seems to be quite dangerous to one’s health these days. As well as quite possibly freedom. No one wants a stain on their record for exercising their given rights in this country to stand up for what they believe in. But it does happen, we watched it happen repeatedly with the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements. There’s good reasons too. We no longer have to stand in a square in Washington and risk being peppered with pepper spray. On the positive side, it sure is easier to talk someone into signing a petition than it is to pack up their lives for a weekend ride to D.C.

What Can I Do from Home?

Here are a few tasks you can manage very easily that will help you stay on top of all that you can do to make sure your voice is heard to help cannabis activism.

Set up Google Alerts – This can be very useful for everyone from the casual cannabis promoter to the dispensary owner waiting for new laws to ease problems associated with that form of cannabusiness. Once your logged into the Alerts system, put the most relevant keywords and phrases to your cause. Good ideas would be “Cannabis laws in Virginia”, especially if like me, you’re not-so-patiently waiting for your state to grow up, to just “Cannabis” if you want to get alerts for every mention. You can always set these to mail you per day, in real-time, or even just once per week updates so you aren’t riddled with spam.

Stay Informed of Policy Updates – A great place to look for this kind of information is on the White House petitions site where they have a running log of all petitions created as well as their current position on the subject. Currently, their position can be found here. You can also use their search feature to look for petitions that mention Cannabis or Marijuana anytime. If you’re interested, sign up for alerts about new petitions that are relevant to those searches we well.

Do your petition site rounds – Even during the peak periods of petitions to help cannabis available, it has never taken me more than an hour to fill in many while I’m browsing the web in my free time. Especially once you have signed up to the various sites that display them. Here’s a great list of sites where you can find current cannabis petitions.

  1. Marijuana Connect
  2. The White House
  3. Change.Org
  4. United For Care
  5. 420 Petition
  6. Move On
  7. Consume Cannabis

There are more tasks you can complete so stay tuned for another installment of how to get involved to help cannabis on Marijuana Connect coming soon!

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