Friday , 17 November 2017
Slow y’Roll Newbies.  BHO, Just Butane Hash Oil
BHO Wax, Oils, Crumble, Shatter, Butter

Slow y’Roll Newbies. BHO, Just Butane Hash Oil

There is nothing new about Butane Hash or Honey Oil (BHO) really, except that it is legal today, as it was not all of these years prior.  Like, its legal in Colorado where many labs are experimenting with different levels and concentrations.

BHO--setup-Extraction-Butane Hash Oil

Complete lab-quality BHO Extraction Setup.
Photo by BHOGART

What IS new, however is the federal government calling in to up their annual order for research this year to 1,400 pounds of weed!

Because of the plant being so very new to so many people, and the wicked and widespread demand for the concentrates, watching the process was quite misunderstanding for my friend. He is an old school hippie and just felt really dumb that he had not been introduced to BHO previously and at that time could have told anyone and everyone that he knew everything there was to know about the cannabis plant, but did not know this, clearly. He was blown away by all of the capabilities of the magic plant as he read headlines on the wire. He also mentioned that he is not sure if he would be jumping up and down as such for Aloe Vera. If it was being talked about as loudly as it is being advocated for, so the dude was indeed mixed up for the afternoon at least.

Butane hash oil BHO made from marijuana is not a new thing. However, its popularity and availability has grown exponentially in recent years. The end product will look like a grease blob on parchment paper and can look like honey, or ear wax, etc. This infographic by BHOGART is an awesome diagrammed looks at the equipment needed to extract BHO from the cannabis plant.

So many people have no idea of the many different states of matter cannabis can go through yielding different chemical structures from plant matter through gas, and all that it can be transformed. If you have known about every single property and exactly have to make it, go for it! Make everyone some! Just also remember that the cannabis community needs you to help everyone learn as I becomes more and more loose with the law.

Resources: Oregon Live

DISCLAIMER – Only through medical research can these benefits be brought into the light of applied medicine. Many of these theories have only been tested on lab rats. Much more scientific research needs to be completed to record these phenomenal cures and treatments so they are more accessible to those who need them.


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