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Babies Get High Through Breast Milk

Babies Get High Through Breast Milk

As reported recently by Metro U.K., police raided a flat owned by Diana and Bogdan Curelaru as part of regularly schedule drug raids. They found 3.5 kilograms of cannabis and they also found a 1 year old baby. While he certainly does look like quite the content little guy, they also discovered it might be because of all of the cannabis in his system.

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Stories like this leave me quite torn. On one hand, my inner rebel gets annoyed that we are still raiding people for selling weed. And we certainly see the horrible effects from that in our own country. On the other hand, a mother should absolutely know that anything she consumes while breast feeding will immediately be given to her baby. This is unacceptable folks. Even if in the future this is somehow recommended for mothers of children with seizure disorders as a method of treatment, we are nowhere near the research and discovery we need to know if this is a viable option. In this story, it just seems like a mom who wants to breastfeed, which is certainly a positive, but without restraining herself. People, we simply do not know that this is safe. Period. Certainly not for a child this age.

Shady Stories

That doesn’t change though, that as usual with this type of raid, you can get questionable and shady stories from just about anyone involved. The news article shared that social workers detected that the baby was “more sleepy than normal.” That’s a pretty strange call for people who couldn’t have spent much time with him when the decision was made. But arm chair quarterbacking any situation is almost never correct. The child care manager shared with the police and media that the mother thought that smoking marijuana was harmless to her child. She did admit though that the baby was often so lethargic that she had to often wake him to feed him.

The boy is now being cared for by his grandmother.

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