Wednesday , 22 November 2017
Awesome Cannabis Products

Awesome Cannabis Products

I’ve found some awesome cannabis products this week in the form of various gadgets. It seems when weed meets technology, the possibilities are endless, often mind-blowing, and at times, even funny. I’ve found a few really nice utility type pieces. In fact, if you own all three of these, your cannabis experience will become farm more relaxing and a lot less taxing.

Awesome Cannabis Products


Here are a few handy tools every dedicated smoker can enjoy.

The Lighter Bro

I wish I had this, right now. I, like millions of others, have my own special set of tools, often a treasured piece that just ends up blackened and curved and … ruined. But it’s just so perfectly handy. But nowhere near as handy as a set of tools on my lighter would be. Lighter Bro has some awesome onboard tools! It features a super sharp knife for cutting whatever you like, a teeny tiny screwdriver that’s absolutely perfect for itty bitty screws, a bottle opener, a key ring attachment, spring action scissors…and all this tucked away in a low profile sleeve made of titanium coated stainless steel.

The Davinci Ascent
awesome cannabis products

This portable vape has remained high on the list of top ten pen style vapes for years. That’s because it’s a durable, handy and very effective product. The DaVinci Ascent has earned its name truly. Known for its easy portability, this vape also provides users with a robust and flavorful experience. The sleek design and pocket-sized construction with LED temperature display means you will have all of the power of a desktop model in the palm of your hand. An All-Glass vapor path and dual mouthpiece means the most efficient vaporization available in a portable model. This vape is also on sale currently at the Marijuana Connect Marketplace.

Pot Snobpot-snob-rolling-tray-11-300x300

If anyone needs a Pot Snob it’s definitely me. I’m horrible at rolling, I make a mess and I can never quite get the excess back in a bag without spillage. I have to imagine that however this would benefit me, it would also very much benefit someone who actually knows what the hell they’re doing when it comes to rolling a fat one. Regardless, with a handy (and pretty cool looking) scraping card and easy access to a flip up door that will allow you to perfectly distribute your product right into the paper, it would take someone with a lot worse skills than I to screw a joint up with this awesome cannabis product.



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