Thursday , 19 October 2017
Australian Cannabis Energy Drink Stirs up Debate

Australian Cannabis Energy Drink Stirs up Debate

A product called Cannabis Energy Drink went on sale at some supermarkets in Western Australia recently and has been met with a range of reactions.

Australian Cannabis Energy Drink Stirs up Debate

The company behind the drink is marketing it as an alternative to popular energy drinks like Red Bull and Rockstar, advertising it as a “high quality energy drink with a twist,” according to the Daily Mail.

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Parents aren’t too happy about the drink

Some Australian parents are calling for the drink to be removed from shelves because they think it’s marketing drugs to children, according to Daily Mail.

Parents complain the drink is normalizing cannabis by “making it appear as if it was a regular item that belonged on the shelf,” reports The West Australian.

The drink doesn’t actually contain any THC — the main psychoactive component of marijuana. It only contains hemp-seed extract, which is legal for consumption in Australia.

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