Friday , 24 November 2017
About Us

About Us

Marijuana Connect Began with a Diverse Group of Entrepreneurs


The Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of has a background in technology, education and management. He has enjoyed a lifelong passion for technology and its ability to connect people and disseminate information. Having served as Head of Access Services for a top ranked private college in Los Angeles, he implemented numerous technological advancements benefiting the campus and collaborated on an online college named Portmont which was funded with a $3,000,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has developed information literacy courses and has instructed thousands of students, faculty and staff members. He has over a decade of experience in recruiting, training and managing teams of diverse individuals. He is a native of California and came of age during Proposition 215 which made California the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Our CEO has extensively researched marijuana issues for over 15 years and has attended industry trade shows and conferences. He holds a B.A in English from the University of Southern California and an MLIS from San Jose State University.

Another Co-founder of  Marijuana Connect is a Historian, businessman and film maker who graduated from U.C.L.A. and Harvard University, and who also served as the Vice President of a Fortune 500 Securities Firm and was one of the top producers for the company on the West Coast. He then successfully started his own firm and served as president. In addition he ran and managed numerous companies with hundreds of employees, among his positions he served as the President of a midsized motion picture company and produced, wrote and directed many motion pictures.

Marijuana Connect’s Managing Editor brought years of experience in copy-writing, editing, administrative management and knowledge in a wide variety of topics. Her experience goes back to 2001 when she left the corporate world to join the progressive world of Freelance Journalism. Since then she has made her way and a reputable name for herself working as both the owner of a copy-writing company as well as a well-known resource in the world of social media management. Along with endless social media publications, case studies and educational content, MC’s Managing Editor also has personal and professional experience in the realm of psychology including the effects of marijuana on the brain through FMRI studies, the benefits of Cannabinoids on many chronic illnesses and the science, as well as the history, behind the world’s greatest natural medicine, marijuana.