Friday , 17 November 2017
A Transdermal Cannabis Patch Promising for Non-Smokers
The four THC:CBD ratios by Re-Medical

A Transdermal Cannabis Patch Promising for Non-Smokers

Re-Medical, Inc., an organization specializing in the research and development of systems to deliver the medicinal properties found in nutraceuticals and botanicals harboring medicinal properties. However, it has only been incorporated since March 2014 under the parent corporation Hop-On, Inc., an electronics producer recently joining the marijuana e-cig business and their search to partner with local cannabis businesses in marijuana-legal states to market the Re-Medical concept. Re-Medical does not grow cannabis or sell any byproducts thereof. However, Re-Medical and it’s engineers have been working with cannabis studying its ability to absorb into the skin as a topical through their transdermal patch.


Cannabinoid ratios available in transdermal patches.

Re-Medical’s patch comes in the following four CBD:THC concentrated ratios in either 10mg or 20mg strength based on the information provided on their website.

  • Panacea Topical Patch formulated from a standard cannabis extract of a well-balanced CBD to THC ratio producing a relaxed, but focused.
  • The Remedy Topical Patch formulated from a cannabis extract made up of high CBD properties to the very low trace amounts of THC. This CBD:THC ratio is gaining acceptance by policy makers and physicians to provide relief from grueling ailments caused by life-threatening illnesses found in pediatrics. This ratio also removes the psychoactive element that normally results from THC consumption.
  • The Mello Topical Patch formulated from a cannabis indica extract producing a happy and relaxed mood for the consumer and often recommended for insomnia for its sedative effects.
  • The Elevation Topical Patch formulated from a cannabis sativa extract producing an elevated euphoric-like experience in the consumer, giving them energy and fueling their creative side.
Researching transdermal patches presented much needed clarity regarding Re-Medical’s identity in the U.S. and whether or not it maintains a relationship with Mary’s Medicinals, a dispensary producer claiming exclusivity on their transdermal patch recently branded and promoted at the Cannabis Cup in Seattle this year. Mary’s Medicinals branded patches feature a delivery system quite similar to Re-Medical’s said product. It is unclear of an active working relationship or not. Mary’s Medicinals has perhaps collaborated with the Re-Medical and has negotiated exclusivity promoting it as their own product. Re-Medical has an address in Denver; however it is just to a revolving rented law office at best, while Mary’s Medicinals is clearly the transparent one of the two.


For many years, the medical industry has evidence that transdermal delivery systems of medicines are quite effective in that they absorb directly into the skin without having to clear the digestive tract before hitting the blood stream. The effect is immediate. The delivery system that Re-Medical boasts the discreet features, the precise dose delivery, and the clean delivery method.

Another quite transparent producer of a transdermal delivery system for cannabis is Patchtek holding several patents throughout the world including the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Canada. Patchtek claims of currently administering pre-clinical studies for their patch to treat neuropathic conditions and seeks pharmaceutical partners to distribute their product. They state on their website the patch they produce will have the option of dosage size and the amount of time utilized by delivery of the cannabinoid administered.

Patchtek Patents Pending (Europe EP1186298, Canada 2356020, Austrailia 785275, US 6.328.992 and US 6.113.940)

Does anyone in Denver know if the patches exclusively marketed and sold by Mary’s Medicinals are in connection with the Patchtek or Re-Medical?


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