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Only 15 Days Left in the Extreme Q Vaporizer Contest
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Only 15 Days Left in the Extreme Q Vaporizer Contest

There are only 15 short days left in our Extreme Q Vaporizer contest. So take the time right now to head over to our contest page and enter. The ARIZER Extreme Q Vaporizer contest will run through the end of August 2014 when the winner will be selected from all contest entrants and posted on our website, Facebook, Twitter and G+ pages at noon EST on September 1st, 2014!

Check out this internet review about the Extreme Q Vaporizer!

Let’s be honest, when you think about the gold standard of stationary vaporizers, the Volcano immediately comes to mind. The Volcano has  German build-quality which can withstand Amsterdam coffee shop use and abuse. I’m fairly confident that the Volcano vaporizer will survive the human race to inherit the earth with the cockroaches. Of course robustness comes at a price, and the Volcano is expensive, with most models costing over $500. For the rest of us don’t need to pay the 200-500% premium for a family heirloom vaporizer to pass down to our grandchildren, the Arizer fills this niche very nicely with the Extreme Q vaporizer… and then some.

The Arizer is a solid piece of equipment, and honestly comparing the Arizer Extreme Q to the Volcano is a bit unfair, because you can purchase 2-5 Arizer Extreme Q’s for the price of 1 Volcano. The good news is that the Arizer Extreme Q is built “just right” for the consumer segment.

The Arizer Extreme Q comes with both whip and bag attachments and heats up quickly using a digital temperate control (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius). A remote control is included, which at first seems a bit ridiculous, but the remote turns out to be very convenient when you are using the Extreme Q in a group setting or when you want to quickly choose a fan speed setting without running through multiple digital menus.

To setup for a vapor session, you first need to put the glass “cyclone” bowl on top of the heating element. Next, the weed goes into the cyclone bowl capped by either the bag or whip glass elbow piece. Expert tip: go with the “elbow pack” to get a better vape session. An elbow pack is basically jamming your weed up into the small screen in the elbow glass rather than let it lie loosely on the bottom of the cyclone bowl screen. Your weed will be upside down in the bowl, but the pack will keep it from falling out. The theory here is that the elbow pack forces the hot air through all of your weed for a more complete vape, while the loose pack on in the cyclone bowl allows some of the hot air to flow around your weed.

Read more on this review, including tips and tricks and techniques for usage at this link.

This vape is usually around $250 USD and can also be purchased on our site for a very competitive price at this link.

Click here to get your entry in for this amazing vape! Share with your friends to get additional entries to increase your chances of winning! This contest is limited to fans 18+.

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